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Board of Directors


During the reporting period Healthy Cities Illawarra complied with all statutory requirements.

The introduction of a policy committee at board level allows for our policies to be reviewed, ensure compliant with current legislation followed by recommendation to the board for approval.

We also strive to consolidate the business arms of Healthy Cities Illawarra and Healthy People Illawarra which will help reduce duplication of processes that we currently are obligated to do. To this end we continue to pursue listing in the Tax Act for Donor Gift Recipient Status through local Federal members.

The need to communicate and highlight the programs of Healthy Cities Illawarra is essential in promoting the efforts and benefits of working at the grass root level within our communities.

Our programs are constantly reviewed to allow for continuous improvement. These evaluations are undertaken by our health promotion officers, University of Wollongong staff, Population Health Students undertaking placement with Healthy Cities Illawarra and/or in collaboration with our partnering organisations. Any process improvements are aligned with the BNG Standards and Performance Pathways program.

Furthermore, our staff maintain their level of expertise by attending a range of conferences, seminars, and lectures. This ensures we have the latest information to incorporate into our programs.


Healthy Cities Illawarra Board



President: Sandra McCarthy 
Vice President: Kathy Rice 
Treasurer: George Takacs 
Secretary / Public Officer: Justin Placek, General Manager Healthy Cities Illawarra






Healthy People Illawarra Board



President: Marianne Saliba 
Vice President: Dr Lindsey Harrison
Treasurer: George Takacs 
Secretary / Public Officer: Justin Placek, General Manager Healthy People Illawarra





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Ground Floor, 6-10 Princes Highway
(corner Chapman Street)
Fairy Meadow NSW 2519

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PO Box 607
Fairy Meadow NSW 2519.

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02 4283 8111

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